The German Jew Who Bombed Berlin


By Marc H. Stevens

 Georg Hein of Hanover, Germany was only 15 years old when this photograph was taken. The young Jewish man moved to England, stole another boy’s identity and enlisted in the RAF where he became a decorated pilot. For the whole story, read the book Escape, Evasion and Revenge, written by his son Marc Stevens.

“Georg Hein, who was sent to England as a boy to escape certain death in a concentration camp, changed his name to Peter Stevens and became a decorated RAF pilot. This daring young man was shot down, captured, and spent almost four terrifying years as a German POW.

When I read a book recently called Escape, Evasion and Revenge, written by Marc H. Stevens of Toronto about his father, I was fascinated by this unique story, and I asked Marc if he would write a guest column for me. I’m sure you will be as mesmerized as I was by his father’s courage and daring. For the whole story, however, you should really read the book! Following is a very condensed version of events.”,  April 23, 2014, by Marc H. Stevens

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