Tale of boy soldier killed in the Somme included in new book


They are the men and women who shaped the First World War and now their endeavours are highlighted in a new national biography.

Tales told from both the front line and the home front are featured in the new edition of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, including the story of Leeds boy soldier Horace Iles.

Professor Alison Fell, who leads the Legacies of War centenary project at the University of Leeds, tells how the blacksmith’s apprentice, from the Woodhouse area, enlisted with the Leeds Pals at 15, claiming he was 18.

It is believed he could have been inspired by his father, William, who served in the second Afghan War and often talked about Victorian army life.

Iles died on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, July 1 1916.
DIRECT LINK TO THE REVIEW , yorkshirepost.co.uk. 21 September 2015



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