Emil’s Story: Memoir of a WWII Bomber Pilot


Kindle Edition

by Linda Audrey Kantor  (Author)

From Amazon : For years, Linda Audrey Kantor has interviewed World War II veterans and published their stories in various venues to preserve their memories and to honor their heroism. With our Greatest Generation fast fading into history, one such interview gradually evolved into Emil’s Story: Memoir of a WWII Bomber Pilot. By turns humorous, poignant, and tragic, this intense adventure focuses the war at a personal level–how it was to grow up on an isolated Minnesota farm during Prohibition, to be drafted first in Koochiching County, to leave a sweetheart behind, to be winnowed like grain through rigorous training schools, to be selected to pilot a B-24 bomber, and finally to fly thirty-five missions over the dangerous skies of Nazi Europe, facing death daily from flak, enemy fighters, accidents, and sheer incompetence. It was Emil’s Story, but it also was the story of innumerable young men from farm, village, and city alike who, by choice and by circumstance, banded together to answer their nation’s call to save the world from Nazi domination

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