Definitive biography of a Hitler henchman


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 By Fred Reiss

“The youngest colonel in Hitler’s army, Jochen Peiper, had a distinguished World War II military career, first as an aide, beginning in 1938, to Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, architect of the “Final Solution,” and then as his personal adjutant, between November 1940 and August 1941. Later, as a tank commander in the 1st SS-Panzer DivisionLeibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, Hitler’s personal bodyguard division, he fought the Russians in the East and against the allied powers in the West. As the war drew to a close, Peiper’s regiment became involved in the Malmédy Massacre of American soldiers.

Historian Danny Parker, after twenty years of researching and reviewing tens of thousands of pages of original documents about one of the Third Reich’s most decorated soldiers, he wrote Hitler’s Warrior, in which Peiper’s biography is presented chronologically in five parts: ” (Fred Reiss)

 Cited Web source : Fred Reiss (2015) . “Definitive biography of a Hitler henchman“,, April 1 2015 , Available from:  (Accessed  April 6 2015 ).

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Definitive biography of a Hitler henchman

Hitler’s Warrior: The Life and Wars of Colonel Jochen Peiper by Danny S. Parker, Da Capo Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; ISBN 978-0-306-82154-7 ©2014, $29.99, p. 303, plus maps, pictures, notes and index

Hitler’s Warrior: The Life and Wars of SS Colonel Jochen 

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