Biography about world’s first black fighter pilot


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By Jim Frost / For The Journal

“At the age of 11, Bullard ran away from his Georgia home hoping to make a new life in France, a place where his father claimed blacks were treated as well as whites. After a six-year odyssey, Bullard made it to Paris, but his hopes for a tranquil life ended that same year, 1914, when war broke out with Germany.

Bullard volunteered for the French Foreign Legion and spent the next two years in the hell of trench warfare. His bravery earned him medals at Verdun, where he suffered a severe leg wound. While convalescing, he got the chance to join the Lafayette Flying Corps, a French unit made up of American pilots.”

sp_g  Cited Web source Jim Frost (2015) .”ABQ author writes biography about world’s first black fighter pilot” ,,  April 26, 2015, Available from: (Accessed  April 28 2015) .

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